Banner Flags


Custom Banners are a cost-effective way to advertise your business or upcoming event. Pop up banners, Pop up displays, or vinyl banners are ideal for presentations, exhibitions, events, and point of sale promotions. We can also supply outdoor banners with ropes for outdoor displays, or you can use them indoors in various formats.

Banner Design Tips

The effectiveness of a clear signage message can never be underestimated. Too many times we have seen a banner design turn into an epic fail – trying to be too many things to too many people or trying to convey too many message in one banner design) can be fatal to design.

Remember that certain colours and fonts are easier to read, and carry certain weight in the minds of your potential customers. Script or Serif fonts can sometimes be hard to read when travelling past at speed, and while your design may look good on a business card, it doesn’t always translate to effective signage.

While certain colours evoke different responses, remember also that too much colour can at times be a bad thing. The strategic use of ‘dead space’ or blank areas can be very powerful. Minimalist banner design can be very effective when portraying a premium message.

Good banner design is specific to signage. When designing your logo, keep in mind everywhere that it is going to be used; don’t allow yourself to become emotional over the way your logo must look on your website. Consider your stationery, signage, vehicles, promotional materials and other collateral before deciding on a final image.

Remember when it comes to designing your banner, the keep it simple philosophy applies. Less is more!