Signwriting - choosing the right solution

With all the signage options available today, from magnetic signage to 3D lettering, the demand for signwriting is not as popular as it once was. However, Signarama recognise the importance of looking at each job on its merits and recommending the right solution, which in this case was old school signwriting.

Signwriting can be a time consuming and expensive task (depending on the colour scheme) and yes, the risk of error is much greater. And whilst it may not suit all businesses, there are 3 valid reasons for choosing traditional signwriting:

  • - Durability: paint lasts longer than printed panels
  • - Scale: some bigger projects are still best done this way, and leave an effect that outdoes anything that modern signage techniques could achieve.
  • - Existing finish that prevents adhesive from sticking to the surface

60 Castlereagh Street is a beautiful and sophisticated building in Sydney’s CBD. An A grade commercial hub that offers 22 floors of flexible, functional retail and office space… and an underground car park with a busy bike storage facility.

The client was after signage that would spruce up what was an otherwise a drab area, something more than just a sign on the grey walls.

After working with the client to create the classic design, Signarama Smithfield team worked after hours so as to not disrupt commuters— removing existing bike racks and signage before projecting the 6x4m bicycle onto the wall.  A non-slip resin, water-based product was used to hand paint the design.

The project was completed within 2 ½ days (before the quoted timeframe of 3 days)… and the client’s response:  “I can’t believe you finished on time. We are not used to people meeting deadlines, thank you!”

The clients desire to bring life to a drab and uninspiring space was achieved with a method that, while may not be in high demand, still has a significant role to play in signage and marketing your business. The result has seen Signarama return to 60 Castlereagh Street to hand paint additional signage.  Download the case study here.