Have signs, will travel...

When Signarama got the call from Pharmacy 4 Less in Newcastle, the Smithfield team loaded up the van and packed their bags…literally. The client was based 5 hours away, which meant overnight stays and thorough checklists.

Planning ahead for a large signage job is always a challenge, but when on the road, being extra diligent and ensuring that you have a plan for anything, and everything, that could go wrong, is the only way to succeed.

And, as luck would have it, the full scale makeover of Pharmacy4Less was precisely that kind of job for Signarama. It included 15 different signage types in all sorts of odd   places.

The first issue was with beautiful hedges growing around existing Pharmacy4Less main road signage. They had to be removed to access the sign and replace it without causing damage to the new material.

This involved getting permission to remove the trees entirely from the complex manager. Even so, the install was a challenge that the team overcame with clever planning, negotiation and scaffolding, of course.

The next issue came when installing interior signage. Despite assurances otherwise, the Teflon-based paint on the wall affected the new paint job Signarama planned. The solution was instead to install acrylic standoffs over the existing paint.

In the end, Signarama travelled back and forth to Newcastle installing signs from reception, lightboxes, and awnings to high quality, privacy-enhanced window graphics. Despite their snags, this long distance job was a roaring success and Signarama will be completing the same makeover on two more Pharmacy4Less outlets in the coming months. Download the Case Study here.


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