QR Codes

  • Various sizes and styles
  • Versatile and portable
  • Inexpensive
  • Full color printed available
  • Lightweight



QR codes are fast becoming a powerful force in marketing, connecting your customer to the web. When done right, your customer sees your code, scans it with their mobile phone, and suddenly gets engaged in your message. Market your business the smart way, with SIGNARAMA.

The professionals at SIGNARAMA can help build your brand with custom created QR codes. We’ll put them everywhere your customer will see them. We’ll place a compelling call-to-action next to the code so the customer immediately knows why to scan it. Proudly display your code at your checkout, on window graphics, on your vehicle, and on all your printed materials. QR codes can go anywhere!

You get the customer engagement anytime, anywhere! QR codes let your customer learn more about you, engage with you, and interact with you. QR codes can lead to shopping portions of your website, to an email signup, or to direct phone calls or text messages. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your customers!

Where can you utilize QR codes?

  • Store fronts/windows (Shop online now!)
  • Real estate signs (Link to video walkthroughs, interior pictures, etc...)
  • Event & conference signage.
  • Vehicle graphics & magnetics.
  • Trade show displays (Instead of handouts, link to a sign up for more information page.)
  • Any banner or A-Frame.
  • Point of sale signs (Coupons & special deals or product info.)
  • T-shirts (Great to get Facebook “likes”.)
  • Display signs (Codes can tell more about the artwork in a museum or product on display in retail.)
  • Directional signage (QR codes can provide for self-guided tours.)
  • Billboards or banners.
  • Print materials (Put contact information on business cards to be automatically added without typing.)
  • Promotional materials (For events with maps, coupons, specials.)

From start to finish SIGNARAMA will customize your QR code decals and have it ready for pick up or delivery in under 24 hours. Shop online or visit your local SIGNARAMA today and get started