Sign Writing

The term sign writing can mean anything from a signwriter standing on a ladder with brush in hand, skillfully mapping out an intricate sign as they did decades ago, or it can mean using the latest digital printing technology to create full colour photo realistic signs that you see today such as massive roadside billboards. Most signage these days that comes under the term sign writing is created using computers and very large digital printers.

Modern Sign Writing vs Traditional Sign Writing

There's alot of skill and knowledge needed to create quality signs using any one of the sign writing methods, modern or traditional. Your local Signarama signage consultant is the person to guide you through the correct process for your situation. Some bigger projects are still best done using the traditional hand painted sign writing methods, and leave an effect that outdoes anything that modern signage techniques could achieve.

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We’ll look at each job on it’s merits and will recommend the right solution for your needs. Whether it is illuminated, 3-dimensional, digitally printed, painted, or a fusion of these sign types – we want to make your business look good and have your investment return great results.

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