As part of the equal Access Code, public spaces must be equally as accessible to sighted and able bodied people, as to those who are the contrary, in any manner of ways.

At Signarama we are leaders in ensuring your facility is accommodating and accessible; offering fully compliant Braille Tactile Signs, to all current Standards & Codes. Our signs are utilised across diverse applications from hospitals and schools, to retail establishments, office fit outs, and more.

Signarama have access to the largest range of Braille & Tactile Signage from Standard off the shelf BTS, always available in White on Blue & Black on Silver for urgent requirements, and also Aluminium BTS as required. We can also Customise this Standard Range with colour, graphic images, shape & size alternatives, and we also offer a Fully Custom BTS option to suit your specific needs, including Aluminium & Stainless Steel.

For Braille & Tactile Signs to remain legible and compliant at all times, it is essential that these products are continuous surface Braille, and where possible, fully encapsulated. With no add-on inserted into the face in the form of Braille dots, text and symbols, these signs are unharmed by vandals, cleaning products, harsh elements of the environment, and are fire, UV and graffiti resistant. Comprising no seems or joins they allow no breeding sites for bacteria, essential for all public places, notably hospitals, aged care, hospitality, public transports and high traffic areas.


Call your local Signaram today for additional assistance in ensuring your facility is mandated with the required Braille Tactile Signs – Signarama ~ Your Work Health & Safety experts.

  • Access to the Largest Range of quality BTS
  • Kept in Stock in White on Blue & Black on Silver for Next Day Delivery Nationwide
  • Customise colours, graphic images, shape, size, backings & more
  • Design your own Fully Custom Braille Tactile Signs
  • Australian Standards AS1428.1
  • Building Codes of Australia BCA D3.6
  • Disability Access to Premises
  • Unified Braille Code