Two Week Training Session at World Headquarters in West Palm Beach, Florida

For many, operating a business may be a new and somewhat overwhelming experience. That is why at Signarama, we take training very seriously. After years of research, we have developed a training program that best prepares Signarama franchisees for the journey into business ownership. A great deal of time and attention to detail went into creating a system that would equip each and every franchisee with the tools necessary for success.

As a franchisee in training, your introduction to the Signarama training program begins with a two-week introductory training program held in West Palm Beach, FL at the most advanced training facility in the industry.

The newly built 1,200 sqm facility boasts state-of-the-art signage equipment, computer training classrooms, a stadium seating lecture theatre, store lobby replicas, fully-equipped production rooms as well as a full staff of training specialists who use proven training techniques to provide every Signarama franchisee the knowledge that helps put them at an advantage.

The training facility is located on the Signarama world headquarters campus, providing you an in-depth look at the organisation as well as access to the support staff which is there to help you with your transition into business ownership. The same team will be there providing support for you whenever you need it for the life of your business. During your training, you are completely immersed in hands-on training for all aspects of Signarama business ownership.

We Offer Training on All Aspects of the Signarama Business

Sign Production

One of the key advantages of being a Signarama franchisee is access to the most innovative products and services in the sign industry. Our dynamic research and development program coupled with our technical, financial and creative departments continuously monitors the pulse of the industry. This allows us to support the latest technologies and provide exclusive products and custom services that are only available to Signarama customers. Therefore, we are committed to providing the most intensive training available to each and every one of our Signarama franchisees. We not only train you on material and production methods, but you will also learn everything from basic computer operation to signage design software.


Name recognition is certainly a benefit of being a part of the world’s largest sign franchise, but at Signarama we understand that your concern is more individual. That’s why we make every effort to assist you in developing your business’ standing in your local community. Signarama’s marketing team has developed a program that includes a wide array of marketing and advertising tools such as direct mailings, Yellow Pages advertising, brochures, buyer’s guides and the industry’s only signage catalog. Our community involvement program assists you with generating local contacts for future business. We also offer a unique online customisation tool which makes it possible to tailor your marketing materials to your store. Our team of marketing experts will be available to assist you with your marketing strategy after your training.

Advertising and Public Relations

Signarama offers one of the most progressive national advertising programs in the industry. The Signarama National Ad Fund is a comprehensive and effective national advertising program which is governed by a board of Signarama franchisees elected by their peers and an advertising expert from the corporate headquarters who provides consultation on digital and traditional marketing strategies and brand development. The Ad Fund closely monitors the success of each media placement through real-time online reporting and than uses that information to optimize further media buying strategies.

The Signarama public relations department works to generate local public support for each of our sign centres as well as national and worldwide exposure promoting overall Signarama brand awareness. Our team of public relations experts has created a turn-key program making public relations a simple tool for Signarama franchisees to utilise in their business development strategy. The program includes easy to use forms and templates as well as instructions on everything from how to hold a grand opening to how to sponsor an event. These combined efforts will help drive traffic to Signarama sign centres and will promote the Signarama brand through community news outlets.

During your two weeks of training, a representative from the Signarama corporate headquarters will discuss these valuable programs in detail. From there, the Ad Fund and public relations teams will be available to you for consultation and advisement helping you get the maximum exposure for your business.


One of the fundamentals of successful business management is the ability to maintain accurate and informative financial records. Our team of experts will work with you to learn the ins and outs of financial record keeping and teach you how to use that information to analyse and enhance your store’s performance.

Staff Management

Signarama has spent a great deal of time developing proven techniques for hiring, training and compensating employees. We will teach you the top methods for recruiting and interviewing techniques that will help you find the right employees for your business.


We understand that for many, business ownership is a new adventure. We took that into account when developing our training program. We designed the program so that it offers advanced education to the veteran business owner and signage specialists and comprehensive instruction for those who have no prior business or signage experience.

Equipment & Software

The size of the Signarama network of stores and our relationship with the industry’s most respected vendors has enabled us to offer our franchisees the best equipment and software at the lowest price. Plus, our research and development team is constantly researching the latest technologies making certain our franchisees have the financial, production and technological advantage over the competition.