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Signarama has partnered with Moula Pay to provide our customers a smarter way to pay for their signage needs.

With Moula Pay, you have the flexibility to repay your purchases in instalments over 12 months, with up to three months interest and repayment free. If you pay within the interest free period, you pay no additional fees, penalities or interest. It's that simple.

Applying for Moula Pay is quick, simple and 100% online.

Moula Pay gives you the freedom to purchase what you need for your business when you need it and enjoy up to 3 months repayment and interest-free!

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moula pay - apply online

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moula pay - apply online

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Pay in instalments over 12 months, or repay early at any time to save on interest, with no penalties.

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Getting better payment terms has never been easier. Apply for Moula Pay online in around 7 minutes and get an approval within a business day. Alternatively, if you have questions or would like to speak with a Moula representative directly, call 1300 95 28 28. Lines are open Mon - Fri, 9am to 5pm AEST

What do I need to apply?

  • Active ABN or ACN
  • 6+ months in business
  • $2,500+ in monthly turnover
Business Signage Finance Moula Pay

Vehicle Signage – Growth – Lachlan, Carpenter and Business Owner

Lachlan’s business relies on self-promotion and building brand awareness through his local community.

To support the growth of his business, Lachlan decides to make a significant investment in wrapping his fleet of vehicles through industry leaders, Signarama.

Lachlan’s local Signarama store suggests Moula Pay as an alternate payment option, which provides Lachlan with a dedicated facility to spend on Signarama purchases, as he continues to add to his fleet in line with business growth. Total vehicle wrapping cost: $15,100.

By utilising Moula Pay, my business was able to access a higher, dedicated credit limit for my vehicle fleet.

This increased my spend with Signarama and greatly benefited my business. By wrapping my full fleet of vehicles, I increase my brand presence exponentially, which means I generate more enquiries and my business can keep growing.

Business Signage Finance Moula Pay

Interior Signage – Moula Pay Experience – Frances, Managing Director

Internal office branding creates great visual recognition and experience for prospects and customers who enter our space. It also elevates our business by providing the employees with a true sense of purpose, loyalty and pride to the brand they work for.

The business made a sizeable investment with Signarama to enhance the look and feel of the office floor. The busines complete their order in store with Signarama by using Moula Pay, which cost $21,200.

The Moula Pay application process is a completely digital and technology led initiative, which allowed our business to complete the application in less than 7 minutes


After securely linking the supporting information, Karen’s business received their approved limit, and were ready to pay for the new office fit out, 24 hours after submitting the form electronically.

Not only have Signarama delivered a high-quality interior feel, we are delighted to have access to a wonderful finance solution which is quick and easy to use.

Business Signage Finance Moula Pay

Exterior Signage – Cash Flow – Julia, Hairdresser and Business Owner

Julia wants to make sure her business signage is working as hard as her team and invests in new signage to increase her brand’s prominence to street traffic and grow her customer base.

Julia wants to maximise her cash-flow, so decides to use Moula Pay, which allows her to repay the purchase over 12 months, with up to 3 months being interest and repayment free

After installing the new exposure from the signage, foot traffic has increased and so have my overall sales, which meant that I have been able to repay the total amount within the interest free period. Julia’s signage cost: $4,200.

Julia puts aside $1,400 per month and repays in full before the interest free period expired.

Even better, Julia felt confident knowing she had the flexibility to utilise the extended terms up to 12 months, if she needed it.

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