Choosing the Best Signage Material

At Signarama, we understand our signs are only as good as the materials and equipment we use. It is important to choose the right materials to get the most visually striking and durable signage for your business.

Here we break down some of our most commonly used signage materials. There are advantages and disadvantages of each material. Your local Signarama experts can consult with you in detail to narrow down the best materials for your signage project.

Acrylic (Perspex)

Acrylic is a very versatile plastic sheet, resistant to shock, flexing, scratching and weathering, making it suitable for almost any application. Indoors it gives a sleek, elegant look for brand-conscious businesses. Outdoors, it offers durability and tolerance needed for permanent settings. It is normally transparent, but can come in many colours and finishes, and is completely recyclable.

Acrylic can be sprayed in different colours and customised to create different faces, polishes and effects. It is easy to fabricate to custom shapes, thicknesses, and sizes.

You may also see this known as Plexiglass or Perspex.

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM)

ACM combines the qualities of aluminium with the strength and rigidity of wood. It is made from two thin coil-coated aluminium sheets bonded to a non-aluminium core (polyethylene or foam). Polyethylene is extremely durable and recyclable, and relatively lightweight compared to solid aluminium.

It is easily fabricated for custom dimensions and shapes. It comes in 3mm or 6mm thicknesses and can be printed on, faced with vinyl, or painted in other colours, but commonly comes in black or white. It can be bent up to 90 degrees. Also known as polymetal.


A strong, light metal used widely in many industries, it’s commonly used for permanent outdoor signs. It’s malleable, therefore easy to customise and fabricate, and it will not rust.

Aluminium can be painted, printed on, or wrapped with vinyl. It comes in a variety of thicknesses and finishes, like brushed, reflective, and mirror/polished. It can be galvanised for extra protection from the elements, or for its textured effect.


A traditional signage material, brass panels or plaques are either cast, etched, or engraved. We can also coat the sign to reduce maintenance and weather exposure. If you want a sign with a prestigious and luxury look, you can't go wrong with brass.

We can also create a "faux" brass look with metallic vinyl.

Corflute (Corrugated Plastic)

Corrugated plastic is a tough, lightweight and cost-effective material, making it ideal to produce temporary signs or displays. It is made out of two thin sheets of polypropylene connected by ridges that create “flutes” between the two sheets, like cardboard. It is easy to cut to shape and comes in a range of colours and thicknesses. They are waterproof and resistant to hot and cold weather.

Corrugated signs are made by either printing graphics directly on the corflute or by applying vinyl graphics.

It’s also known by the brand names, Corflute, Coroplast, Corex.

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Fabric signs are a common solution for outdoor and indoor signs for their notable quality, convenience, versatility and longevity. The most common fabrics we use are synthetic polyester and PVC. It is durable, washable, fire resistant and wrinkle resistant.

There are many options available for attaching or hanging the fabric prints. The flexibility of different finishing options such as Velcro, Eyelets, hanging rods, ropes, or stretched over a stand, means there is a viable solution to every display situation.

Our fabric banners are printed using dye sublimation or heat transfer printing at a very high resolution to produce vibrant results.

PVC mesh – this PVC is perforated and used to make mesh banners. There are tiny holes in its fabric to avoid wind damage, so it’s ideal for hoardings and fence signs.

Shadecloth - another lightweight option for outdoor advertising and signage, it can cover great lengths and is easy to attach to fences and other structures. It is commonly used on building and construction sites.

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Foamcore Board

Foamcore is an incredibly lightweight material, making it ideal for portability and storability. It has a foam core bonded between two clay coated papers, and comes in a range of sizes and thicknesses. Using our cutting technology, we can cut foam board with clear-cut edges. We recommend foam board only for indoor signs.

Magnetic Signs

Magnets are ideal for mobile advertising. They can be painted, laminated, printed or applied with vinyl in full colour and cut to custom sizes. They can only be used on smooth steel surfaces. We can offer extra strong flexible magnets for outdoor signs or vehicle signs.

Magnetic sheets may also come as adhesive sheets that can be stuck to the back of vinyl or acrylic signage to make them compatible with any steel surface. They come in various thicknesses. Thicker magnets have strong adhesion.

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Glass Neon and LED Neon Flex

Neon signs are electric signs illuminated by long luminous tubes containing rarefied neon or other gases that are heated and bent into shapes and letters. Different gases produce different colours. When the electrical current hits the electrodes in the tube, the atoms create a glow.

They enjoyed a heyday from the 1920s to 1960s, but died down in popularity with the development of LED technology. Today there is a renewed interest in this antique form of signage among artists, businesses and collectors alike.

Neon signs are best suited for the indoors. There is now an option to create LED Neon Flex signs, which are gaining popularity due to their better affordability, durability, energy efficiency and lifespan.

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Also known as foam PVC, expanded PVC (polyvinyl chloride) is a chemically foamed, rigid, lightweight extruded sheet, making it great for outdoor and indoor use. It is UV and weather resistant, and comes in a range of colours and thicknesses.

PVC has a smooth flat surface and when printed with our flatbed printers produces a high resolution, professional finish. We can cut PVC into different sizes and shapes.

Steel and Stainless Steel

Strong, durable and versatile, this well known construction material is made from mixing iron and carbon in the right quantities at high temperature.

Adding chromium creates stainless steel, which is incredibly resistant to corrosion. Steel is commonly used for structural and industrial signage, but we can also fabricate steel to make stunning 3D signs and letters.


Vinyl is a strong and weather resistant material, used for short and long-term signs indoors, and temporary outdoor solutions. It can be cut into almost any length or shape and is available in many colours.

It is extremely versatile in its applications, from indoor banners to vehicle signs. We can print vinyl in full colour UV protected ink to create bright, colourful and creative designs. Vinyl can be applied to nearly any surface with brilliant effects.

Vinyl comes in various films and laminates, including:

  • Self-adhesive
  • Anti-microbial
  • Perforated (One Way Vision)
  • Removable
  • Permanent
  • Clear
  • Reflective/pearlescent
The effectiveness of vinyl is down to the materials and the finish we give them. Vinyl can be printed at a very large scale, and applied to walls, glass and even floors.

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High quality timber can have great durability and sophistication. Cedar wood is especially suitable for outdoor signs in harsh Australian conditions.

We can router cut wood to various shapes and sizes, and custom engrave them with your logo or message. Timber signs are growing in popularity due to their unique, rustic charm.

Finishes and Films

We can add special or faux finishes to your sign to create a textural and sophisticated look or as an additional protective layer to extend its life in the harsh outdoors, or as a safety feature on vehicle and hazard signs. We can also customise the way your sign is installed based on where it will be situated.

We have a variety of laminates, powder coatings, sealants and varnishes to make sure your sign looks its best in its setting.

Powder Coating

This is a dry powder sprayed onto a metal surface, using a spray gun. The powder bonds electrostatically to the surface and it is then heat treated to produce a tough coating that looks like a typical liquid paint finish, but it doesn’t run and it’s more environmentally friendly.

Powder coating is great for outdoor and wayfinding signage because it’s both protective and decorative.

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