People form opinions in less than one-tenth of a second about a person or company. Make a lasting one with a creative trade show booth.

Have you ever seen someone in passing and formed an opinion about this person without ever speaking to the person? If you are considering contacting a local business about their services but when you visit their website, it looks dated, is that a turn off? When you call a doctor’s office to make an appointment and the person on the other end is friendly and helpful, does that make you feel confident in your choice to see this doctor?

Let’s be honest. First impressions matter.

People form opinions in less than one-tenth of a second about a person or company. Make a lasting one with a creative trade show booth. Below, you will find our top 5 tips for making the best impression possible at your next trade show with a stunning new trade show booth: 

  1. Know the space:Before designing a trade show booth, it is imperative to know the details of the space you will be using, such as the size of the space and whether you will be on a corner at the end of an aisle or in the middle of an aisle. Are there any height limitations? Consider other practical elements such as where outlets are located or if there are any restrictions placed on vendors. Knowing this information before designing your trade show display is critical.
  2. Accentuate your logo: Making your logo clearly visible on your trade show display is crucial to your success. Be sure that the trade show booth is compatible with the goal and purpose of your business. Other considerations, such as assuring it is well lit, should not be overlooked as they directly impact visitors’ first impressions. Associating your logo and brand with a welcoming and attractive trade show display is a great way of creating positive brand recognition.
  3. Drawing them in:Having an attractive trade show booth is not the only component necessary to draw in a crowd. How do you plan on making your company’s trade show display stand out from the rest? Incorporating digital signage or audio is a great way of catching people’s attention. Will your booth feature colored lighting, photos of your products or completed projects scrolling on a flat screen monitor(s), etc.? These are just some ideas that can bring in the crowds at your next trade show.
  4. Accessible contact info:Creating a trade show display for your company is a fantastic investment, unless your visitors leave without getting your contact information. Make sure that your company’s contact information is easy to access and keep for visitors who may be in a rush or would prefer to contact you one-on-one after the show. In today’s digital world, people snap photos of everything, including trade show booths that stand out so make sure your contact information will be visible for those who may take a picture with their phone.
  5. Keeping the Crowd: Once you’ve drawn them in, how will you convince visitors to stay long enough for you to give product, service or contact information? Develop an incentive for them to stay longer, such as video displays, demonstrations, or by making the booth interactive. This is your chance to point out special deals that will only be honored for those who sign up at the show.

At Signarama, we can help you create the trade show display of your dreams with all the bells and whistles to make a lasting impression. Contact us today to discuss the many options available for your company’s next trade show booth.   The only limit is your imagination!