Minimise risks to your workforce with safety and directional signs that can’t be ignored.

Just like retail businesses and offices, factories and warehouses need to both prominently display key information and promote brand awareness. There are several steps these facilities can take to up the ante and make an impression with signage.

Though their needs are clearly different from that of retail storefronts or large office buildings, factory and warehouse signs are equally essential. The proper use of signs can transform an industrial space and make an impression on visitors that is just as important as those made by retail storefronts. Factory and warehouse signs brand the premises and promote the essential work that is done inside. This allows businesses to communicate their location while subtly pushing brand awareness. It also ensures the safe and efficient movement of people and traffic through the site.

There are several types of factory and warehouse signs that a company should consider:


The signage in an entryway or foyer is viewed at close range. A combination of specialised techniques, excellent finishes, and high-grade materials are important. These signs should stage a lasting impression that stays with people even after they have left.

Large Pylon Signs

Pylon Signs are the ultimate eye-catchers. They improve traffic flow by providing vital information on a large scale, and help direct customers while simultaneously maximising exposure for your brand and services.

3D Fabricated Letters

In combination with either of the above signage types, the sophisticated nature of 3D fabricated letters helps to promote a clean, more professional and polished impression.

Wayfinding & Directional Signs

When it comes to your business, wayfinding and safety signs are a necessity to ensure you meet regulations and allow your customers to find you. Especially in large industrial parks, the use of proper directional signage is essential to avoid visitor confusion and help keep people out of restricted areas.

Safety Signs

Similarly, the nature of manufacturing requires a slew of safety signs both inside and out. Safety signs are essential for visitors. They also make sure that all premises are in compliance with Australian Standard 1319-1994: Safety Signs for the Occupational Environment.

Our signage teams will work closely with you to ensure your factory signage is clear, strategic, and workplace compliant. Explore our range and discuss your ideas with your local Signarama team today.