A well-designed monument sign can make your business easy to locate and leave a positive lasting impression on potential customers who pass by.

Understanding the Difference Monument Signs Can Have on Your Business
Enhance your property’s entrance and attract motorists and pedestrians to your business with the addition of a monument sign. Monument signs are an elegant outdoor signage solution that provide credibility and presence for your business. Simply adding one monument sign can increase revenue by up to 9.3%.

Ready to grow your business? 

Street visibility starts with having a large, attractive sign that invites customers to your business location. Monument signs are permanent fixtures designed to strengthen your brand identity with the professional sophistication of customizable monument signs. A well-designed monument sign can make your business easy to locate and leave a positive lasting impression on potential customers who pass by.

They are freestanding signs that are detached from a building and can be placed anywhere necessary. Monument signs can be made from a variety of materials, and have a wide assortment of design options. They are permanent fixtures with solid support structures that are finished with brick, stone and stucco amongst other sturdy materials. Many businesses choose to design a monument sign that is made to match your business’s existing building in style, color and design features.

Our monument signs are perfect for any area of the country, as they are made using only quality materials making them impervious to termites, rot, and moisture, and have even been proven to withstand 180 mph winds.

Benefits of monument signs

Because we understand that customers are influenced by the outdoor signage on a business, we have gathered some points for you to consider regarding the installation of a monument sign for your small business.

  1. Reach Local Customers – The average customer lives within 5 miles of your business. This means the average person will see the sign several times in a given day and dozens of times in a month. This helps to draw in your local crowd.
  2. Target All Demographics – It doesn’t matter what gender, age, or profession, a monument sign will reach everyone. Anyone who walks or drives by your business will see the sign leaving an impression, and may turn them into potential clients.
  3. Create Consistency in Your Advertising Plan – A key component of any advertising campaign is consistency. Everything from your logo to your color choices and graphics should be coordinated including your outdoor signage. Monument signs are no exception, they should be consistent with your branding.

Our sign experts at Signarama will gladly assist you in obtaining the necessary permits required for your specific project and ensure that your monument sign complies with all local and state ordinances.

We are available to assist you through the entire process from concept and design to installation. Call your local sign experts at Signarama today to find out what options best meet the needs of your business and help you grow your business.