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Custom LED Neon Flex Signs

A smarter and brighter way to light up your business!

Neon signs have always been a favourite for their vibrant and striking appearance in all kinds of settings. The trend is only getting bigger and better with the latest LED neon flex technology!

LED neon flex signs are affordable and low maintenance with all the perks of a neon sign. They are made from flexi neon tubing and LED lighting to emulate a traditional glass neon sign. The LED tubes are low voltage, emitting less heat and therefore are very safe, lightweight, long-lasting and energy efficient, not to mention they look amazing!

LED neon flex signs are only getting more sophisticated with each passing year, as more manufacturers and sign makers adopt newer technologies and materials. Ask us how we can help you create a truly bespoke centrepiece that promotes your brand and message!

How are LED neon flex signs made?

Our LED neon flex signs are made by hand with LED flex neon strips encased in a PVC tubing, so you can choose your specific colours, fonts, and sizes. LED lights provide a wide range of bright colours. The PVC tubing lets us create shapes of any size and helps to diffuse the LED lights so they glow consistently and smoothly. The LED strips are 12v making it low voltage and cool to the touch, so will have a lower energy consumption, compared to glass neon signs.

The sign also includes a 240v transformer, plug, warranty, dimmer and remote control. Power cable length can also be customised depending on the need.

LED Neon Flex Sign Set Up

What are the benefits of LED Neon Flex Signs?

  • Colour consistency and brightness - instantly brighten up your space for less!
  • Easy to install - plug and play!
  • Versatile - we can easily customise shape, length, colours, brightness and lighting patterns. We can even reproduce your brand colours!
  • Longevity - despite their low cost, LEDs have an impressive life, from 30,000 to 100,000 hours, depending on how they are used.
  • Eco-friendly - low power consumption and durability with unrivalled brightness and quality make neon flex a very sustainable illuminated signage option.

Neon flex signs for any occasion!

Neon flex signs are incredibly versatile, instantly transforming your space. The only limit is your creativity. Typical applications include:

  • Cafes, Bars, and Hospitality – point of sale, dining areas, receptions
  • Retail Spaces and Backdrops
  • Events – festivals, product launches, weddings, parties & more!
  • Ambient mood lighting – at the office or home
  • Outdoors – on buildings, awnings, or as wayfinding
  • Production sets – film and theatre stage sets
  • Art galleries - exhibitions, displays, interactive installations

... and more!

Things to consider

  • What colour/s will you need?
  • What length of LED needs to be installed?
  • Where will the sign be mounted? Is it being installed on the exterior of a building, or a wall or ceiling?
  • Does your LED neon sign need to be weatherproof or outdoors?

Mounting options

The LED neon flex sign is usually mounted on clear acrylic board, which can also be customised to your desired shape and thickness. It can be UV printed with your brand colours or detailed artwork, a solid colour, or a special effect like mirrored or glittered. It can be be used as a backboard, or cut to fit the shape or letters of your neon flex sign. Other mounting options include ceiling suspension, in a box, or wooden or acrylic stands. Outdoor neon signs will have thicker backing boards.

LED Neon Flex Sign Mounting Options

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a range of neon tube colours to choose from. We also have a colour change option called RGB. This allows different settings for flashing and colours.
Yes! You can be as creative as you like. Ask us about options.
Usually it takes up to two weeks from design approval to installation.
Neon flex signs are made with LED technology, making them very long lasting. You should get at least 5 years out of your sign, depending on usage.
Your neon sign operates in 12V. We provide the appropriate transformer that must always be attached to the wire. However, we also provide battery operated or hardwired signs. Let us consult with you on the most feasible options for you.
Yes, we can provide a thicker LED tube and a weather resistant transformer suitable for the outdoors.
Of course, we have dedicated in-house graphic designers who can work with you to make your ideas a reality!
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