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21 August, 2019 by Nick Patil

Many businesses in Melbourne are turning to vehicle wraps as a way to promote their products or services. This is due in part to the tremendous reach, longevity, and ROI that they offer. A car, truck, or van with a vehicle wrap can get anywhere from 30,000 to 80,000 views per day!
Car wraps are an excellent way for small to medium-sized businesses to compete in highly competitive Melbourne markets. It’s impossible to ignore a colorful and brightly wrapped car or truck sitting in front of you in traffic. They’re kind of like a television commercial that runs 24/7 no matter if the vehicle is moving or parked.
At Signarama Frankston Signs, we’ve helped countless Melbourne businesses wrap their company vehicles. Over the years, we’ve heard a few myths about car wraps and would like to take this opportunity to address the top five commonly held misconceptions.

Do Car Wraps Damage Paint?

One of the more common questions we’ve heard is “do car wraps damage paint?”

At Signarama Frankston Signs, we only use high-quality brand name vinyl to wrap our client’s cars. Our expert car wrappers have decades of combined experience and have wrapped everything from boats and trucks to fleet vehicles and high-end luxury cars. The adhesive used on the vinyl will strongly adhere to the car, but it won’t damage the clear coat or paint.
In fact, vinyl wraps can actually help protect the paint of a car. Harmful UV rays from the sun, pollution, and even tree sap can all significantly reduce the lifespan of car paint. Our high-quality vinyl helps protect your paint job from the weather and elements. Once you’re ready to remove the wrap, the underlying paint and clear coat will look just as good as it did the day the car was originally wrapped!

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