How investing in quality well thought out signage helps your business grow

8 August, 2019 by Judy Doig

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Businesses spend tons of money each year on advertising. This advertising is important however it is often complex with low return on investment. There is one form of advertising that is not only more affordable compared to other modes of advertising but also has a much higher return on investment. That form is Signs. Quality well thought out signs are the most simple but most effective way to increase brand awareness, drive traffic and increase sales for your business. Visually appealing and high impact signs are attention grabbing and can an extremely important investment for any business and here is why.

Signage boosts Sales
If you invest in quality planned signage your sales will increase. People make alot of their purchasing decisions and recommendations based on signs. For example According to a small business association, the average business gets up to 50% of their sales from signage. This is because signs increase consumers awareness of your brand and draw them in. According to the Economic Center of the University of Cincinnati 8 out of 10 consumers enter a business for the very first time purely based on its signs and nearly 75% of customers stated that they had mentioned the business to others simply based on its signage. A FedEx survey also found that 67% of the consumers chose to buy a product or service simply because a sign caught their eye. The stats don’t lie. Signage is an extremely effective way of boosting your sales.

Low Cost and High return on Investment
Unlike most forms of advertising, with signage there are little to no ongoing costs. Just invest in your sign and away you go, no regular payments and fees. As signage is so effective in boosting sales and has no ongoing costs it also has the highest return on investment compared to other advertising mediums.

Build Your Brand
There are many businesses that we now know purely from their signage. We can spot a sign miles away and know exactly what it is for. Think the Golden arches and McDonalds. Signs have the power to build and reinforce your brand making it easily recognisable and differentiated from your competitors. For example, there are many possible places to buy a hamburger, but when you are hungry and in search of a burger and you see The Golden Arches, chances are you head right there and buy yourself a meal rather than browse for other possible burger serving eateries.

Signs are the most effective and affordable form of advertising and will show you high returns on your investment. Contact the professional and friendly team at Signarama Maroochydore to chat about your Signage needs and get your business on track for a boost in sales.

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